Extraordinary cup detects calorific value of your drinkTech Expert

September 09, 2015 12:09
Extraordinary cup detects calorific value of your drink},{Extraordinary cup detects calorific value of your drink

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Vessyl looks like just a 385ml ultra modern cup when you look at it for the first time. But it actually is an extraordinary cup that gives you the calorific value of the beverage you pour in it. The values are even broken like sugar, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

The smart cup turns extraordinary the moment you pour a beverage in it and identifies the drink in it. Data regarding the dietary content such as protein, calories, sugar, caffeine and fat will be calculated. All the data will be taken and even synchronized in your smartphone. An app accompanying the Vessyl transfers data through Bluetooth to iOS and Android smartphones. The data will be recorded automatically and your daily intake of beverages will be analyzed.

During the entire day, the app will calculate what and when you are drinking as you fill and refill the cup. The calories count is added to the running total. Specific details can be viewed on the app like the consumed amount of sugar, calories and caffeine.

Some other smart features of the cup:

Lenses, specific target monitors, will help you focus on cutting down particular constituents like sugar intake.

Discreet in-built display of Vessyl displays the lens you opt in a running tally.

Bright blue line displays your hydration level by rising and falling. That means it is smart to tell if you drink more water. The technology associated with this is called Pryme.

Pryme that can be displayed either on the cup or on the app shows your hydration levels and how long you remained at optimum hydration levels.

The company only said about the technology behind Vessyl that the sensor do not come in contact with the beverage in the cup while a processor and proprietary algorithms controls it. The team tested Vessyl with thousands drinks including brands of the same drink. However, the cup can even determine the nutritional content of a drink made at home.


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