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  • Ranveer Singh, bollywood, ranveer singh turns 35 interesting facts about the bollywood actor, Real estate

    Ranveer Singh Turns 35: Interesting Facts about the Bollywood Actor 2020-07-06 15:42:50

    Ranveer Singh turns 35 today and here are some of the interesting facts about the versatile actor. Actor Ranveer Singh is now one of the top actors in Bollywood. He is a successful outsider who proved his mettle with his...

    Keywords: Ranveer Singh, interesting facts, bollywood, bollywood

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    Queen Elizabeth II properties, Queen Elizabeth II successors, queen elizabeth ii s wealth will stay as a secret, Real estate

    Queen Elizabeth II's Wealth Will Stay As A Secret 2022-09-12 06:02:09

    Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Saturday and she is named as the wealthiest woman in the world. Her wealth will remain as a secret and there are several rumors about her will and how her wealth will be distributed...

    Keywords: Queen Elizabeth II will, Queen Elizabeth II latest, Queen Elizabeth II wealth, Queen Elizabeth II properties

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    Sonu Sood IT raids sensational facts, Sonu Sood IT raids updates, six locations of sonu sood raided by it officials, Real estate

    Six Locations Of Sonu Sood Raided By IT Officials 2021-09-16 07:03:19

    Actor and humanitarian Sonu Sood has been busy with charity work. He arranged transport facilities for lakhs of daily wage workers who are stranded during the coronavirus time. He was widely appreciated and Sonu Sood continued the good work by...

    Keywords: Sonu Sood IT raids facts, Sonu Sood IT raids, Sonu Sood raids, Sonu Sood raids

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    American Billionaires survey, American Billionaires, american billionaires are busy buying second passports, Real estate

    American Billionaires are Busy Buying Second Passports 2022-05-31 12:00:39

    The United States of America is known as the land of opportunities and the land of promises. The country is getting the highest ever citizenship requests than any nation in the globe. As per the report published in 2020, the...

    Keywords: American Billionaires investments, American Billionaires second passport, American Billionaires new move, American Billionaires second passport

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    covid-19, RBI, rbi reduces reverse repo rate to 3 75, Real estate

    RBI reduces reverse repo rate to 3.75% 2020-04-17 06:25:08

    In the press briefing that happened at 10 in the morning, RBI Governor, Shaktikanta Das revealed some of the quintessential measures that RBI is taking in helping people battle this Covid-19 outbreak. Out of them all, the one that stood...

    Keywords: Shaktikanta das, banks, Shaktikanta das, banks

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    China wealth, China financials, china beats usa and emerges as the wealthiest nation, Real estate

    China beats USA and Emerges as the Wealthiest Nation 2021-11-17 06:57:52

    Asian nation China has been emerging as a superpower in all the fields from the past few years. A recent report said that China overtook USA and it emerged as the wealthiest country of the globe. The country's wealth tripled...

    Keywords: China, China worth, China on USA, China latest

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