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  • Venus, Aliens, nasa confirms alien life, Earth

    NASA Confirms Alien Life 2023-08-28 14:33:03

    Dr Michelle Thaller, a research scientist at the US bases Goddard Space Flight Centre. Thaller, while talking at the space exhibition in New York said that extraterrestrial life exists. She clears that in our solar system, we are close to...

    Keywords: Venus, alien in Venus, alien in Venus, alien in Venus

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    Rajinikanth updates, Rajinikanth conductor, rajinikanth visits jayanagar bmtc, Earth

    Rajinikanth Visits Jayanagar BMTC 2023-08-31 07:14:43

    Superstar Rajinikanth is always a down-to-earth person. Yet again the superstar proves his simplicity. He made a surprise visit to Jayanagar BMT bus depot in Banglore today. Rajinikanth fans were overwhelmed after seeing the superstar at the bus stop. Rajinikanth...

    Keywords: Rajinikanth with BMTC bus staff, Rajinikanth with BMTC bus staff, Rajinikanth in Jayanagar bus stop, Rajinikanth in Banglore

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    celestial bodies, TOI-733b - neptune, new planet discovered with massive ocean, Earth

    New Planet Discovered With Massive Ocean 2023-09-06 10:11:41

    Scientists have discovered a new planet a little smaller than twice the radius of Earth filled with ocean. The new planet is 245 light years away from Earth and scientists named it TOI-733b. The plant has unique atmospheric features. Experts...

    Keywords: Larger than earth planet, TOI-733b - neptune, oceanic planet, New Planet

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    G20 schedule, G20 Leader Summit session 2 : 'One Family', joe biden to come to india tomorrow, Earth

    Joe Biden To Come To India Tomorrow 2023-09-07 17:37:30

    The president of the United States of America Joe Biden is arriving in Delhi tomorrow for the G20 summit, which will be held from 9 th of September and 10th of September. Joe Biden's wife, Jill Biden was infected with...

    Keywords: USA president Joe Biden India visit, Joe Biden, Joe Biden India Visit, Joe Biden news

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    ILSA payload, Chandrayaan 3 landing, vikram lander goes to sleep mode, Earth

    Vikram Lander Goes To Sleep Mode 2023-09-05 06:16:49

    Vikram Lander on Monday once again had a soft landing on the Moon and went to sleep mode. Now the payloads have been switched off and will come to active mode on September 22nd. The samples will be brought back...

    Keywords: Chandrayaan 3, RAMBHA-LP payloads, ILSA payload, Battery of Rover

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    Morocco Death Toll, Tinmel Mosque, morocco death toll rises to 3000 till continues, Earth

    Morocco Death Toll Rises To 3000 & Till Continues 2023-09-13 09:27:55

    Morocco: The country saw the scariest earthquake on September 8, taking 3000 lives. Earthquake struck with 6.8 magnitude at the High Atlas Mountains. Search teams from various countries have landed in Morocco to locate the survivors. The country even offered...

    Keywords: Heritage sites in Morocco, World Bank Meeting in Morocco, Formalities in Morocco, Morocco earthquake

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