Algorithm Successful in Identifying ‘Women’s Orgasm’ Defended as It Was Mocked on Social MediaSci-Tech

June 15, 2020 13:23
Algorithm Successful in Identifying ‘Women’s Orgasm’ Defended as It Was Mocked on Social Media

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An algorithm made by Cyprus-based Relida Limited said its algorithm could find out about women orgasms 86% of the time and it managed to protect itself after being mocked on social media.

They posted slides of a presentation that was posted on twitter and tweeted thousands of times. The company aimed at testing sex technology products and its work was “twisted”.

Stu Nugent, the brand manager at the sex toy label Lelo, posted the presentation on Twitter after the pitch was sent to him.

According to BBC, this algorithm cannot be a reliable way to understand about women’s orgasm as it is possible to fake a climax.

According to the company this was not ready to be published yet and it has been made by a woman concerned about the well-being of other women. This was still in the development phase.

The concept of this algorithm is related to the heart rate. According to an email sent to BBC, "An orgasm may be identified with heart rate as it has a specific pattern when climaxing,"

"We never wanted to sell this algorithm directly to women or men," it said.

"Indeed, this is a too sensitive a subject, and information that could create additional pressure on women."

Further it read that Mr. Nugent's tweet was "unethical". When Nugent received the slides on LinkedIn, he was amazed.

Finally, he said, "To be frank, we already have a very robust and reliable system for deciding whether our designs are pleasurable, and that's by asking the people who use them.

In any case the orgasm isn't necessarily the right metric for measuring the pleasurability of a sex toy."Relida said the product was solving a problem they never had. Relida said its product was "all about science".

He said, "The idea of detecting an orgasm against the word of the person who is actually having (or not having) one is dangerous."

By Neha Makhija

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