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November 14, 2019 06:34
Natural Gas Banned In US Cities To Fight Climate Crisis

With the constant rise in the climate crisis across the world, it is time that the countries and the world leaders come together to find better ways to cope with the shortcomings. Natural gas burning for cooking was possibly one of the most common sources of pollution that was enhancing the greenhouse gases around the atmosphere.

Several cities across the United States are gradually banning the use of natural gas to mitigate the climate crisis even further. The cities are banning the use of natural gas in the new constructions. What this entails is the cut down of the gas ranges, cloth drying systems and the heating systems in the new homes.

Berkeley was the very first city to experience the ban. All the officials present in the panel in the Northern California city voted unanimously in July to ban the usage of the natural gas in the new constructions coming around.

Kate Harrison, member of the Berkeley Council Member stated saying, “We need to tackle climate change every way that we can and by doing this, we’re not asking people to change that much.”

Highlighting the initiative taken by them, Harrisson stated saying that they need to combat climate change every way that we can, be it a small or a big change. This initiative is expected to provide with a better life to us as individuals. Not only will it contribute to a better and cleaner environment, it is also less likely to contribute to health hazards that we are experiencing around.

In addition to everything, a dozen other cities from California along with a county have acquired to this change. They are building an all electric construction instead of being reliant on the natural gas sources to keep everything heated in the house. San Jose, Santa Monica, San Luis Obispo, Palo Alto, Mountainview and Marin County are the few cities that are included.

Along with the ban rule, San Francisco, Sacramento as well as Los Angeles are also working on goals to cut down on the excess emissions from the homes. The Sierra Club also highlighted saying that over 50 cities and counties across the entirety of California are working to support the all electric construction.

Some of the other cities that are already contemplating the switch include Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington. There are already so many steps being taken, so new measures are in the talks for further polishing of the existing thoughts around.

Jesse Gray, Town Meeting member also stated saying, “The most practical and cost effective way to achieve that goal is not to install new fossil fuel systems when we're building new buildings and when we are gut-renovating them.”

If the suggestive statistics are to be believed, it is said that the ban and the cutting down of the usage of the natural gas is expected to change the town’s gas emissions by 15% in the coming 30 years.

Natural gas, which emits out methane and carbondioxide on burning are two of the deadliest greenhouse gases that have been affecting the Earth’s atmosphere, thus further elevating the risks of climate crisis. Several environmentalists have also clarified stating that the unburned gas leakage from the pipes as well as the compressor stations is also further a crucial factor involved in the climate crisis.

Reports suggest that the environmentalists and activists are promoting the usage of electric means of gas usage to ensure that the same doesn’t have direct impacts on the environment. At this point, the main emphasis is on the renewable resources to further help the future of the Earth.

By Somapika Dutta

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