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August 14, 2015 11:29

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Although it is painful to deal with a dominating and controlling husband especially when you are in love with him, it is not impossible. It definitely takes a toll on health of the women to submit to the desires, wishes and fancies of a controlling husband. If a spouse loves to control you in every minute matter, it either means he is insecure or loves bossing over you. But such relationships may last long but lead nowhere. What do you do in such a scenario?

Stop submitting

You first have to stop submitting yourself to every order and desire from your husband. Make him realize that you can take your own decisions at times in life. So do not let him enter into each and every aspect of your life.

Do not ignore initially

Cutting at the beginning is the real trick. You should not ignore it or take it easy in the beginning, as he will either take you for granted or comes to a conclusion that his behavior is not a problem to you. There is a possibility of him getting accustomed to this behavior with you.

Be very apparent

It is very important to be clear and concise about what you expect from him and what you dislike, rather than leaving things unresolved. Be very clear and deal with the person head on.

Work out mutually

Try to communicate, discuss and come up with ways to improve your relationship, before it gets too late. If you are worried, do not hesitate to take help from your family, friends or experts to save your relation at the same time enjoy and respect it.


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